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Writing The Knockout Query Letter: How To Catch A Book Editor's Attention
You've done it. You've achieved a lifelong dream and penned a book certain to be lauded through the ages as a literary masterpiece. Yet one last obstacle stands between you and publishing success - attracting the attention of someone who can get... more...

For Beginners: Ten Ways To Prepare To Get Published
Like any field, excellent writing requires study, practice and mentorship. Very few successful authors ever published their... more...

Harnessing The Wisdom of Procrastination
The Heart of The Delay: Harnessing the Wisdom of Procrastination, AKA Writer's Block I am sure that at in some era, at some desk, with some kind of paper (and perhaps some very special ink), some writer has breezed through a lengthy and... more...

The Beginner's Guide to Freelance Writing
The Big Idea Okay. So youve figured out that you would like to write for magazines, newspapers, and e-zines. Unfortunately, so have about eight gazillion other people on this planet. Therefore, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have... more...

What To Write About
This is a perennial question among writers and wannabe's. Many of us dream of writing a book. Why not. What greater story cans one write about than one's own. Each day brings a new beginning, a new page in the book of life. What can you... more...
Beginning Writers
Articles, tips and tutorials for aspiring writers everywhere. The beginning of a writing career or writing hobby can be a delightful time in one's life. There is much self-insight and outer-world view to be gained when one takes up the writing habit. One should always strive to make writing enjoyable. We're here to provide you with ideas and opportunities to jumpstart your writing.
Creative Writing Prompts
Extensive collection of writing prompts and story starters for writers, students, and casual creativity. Use the creative writing prompts and creative writing ideas to create stories, poems and other creative pieces from your imagination. The writing prompts can even help you come up with creative content for blogs and blog stories.
Unique Private Label Content
Do you own a number of Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles? Are they virtually gathering dust in your hard drive because you haven't had the time to edit them before using them on your sites? There's great news for you! You can have your PLR articles edited and customized by a professional editor, leaving you with more time to actually run your business. Professionally edited and customized private label articles to elevate your niche marketing business.
Daily Writes
Daily Writes is an e-mail workshop on autoresponder programmed to deliver a writer one Daily Write activity every day for 31 days. If you've been on a writing slump, feel that you're blocked and can't write, or want to develop the habit of writing every day, Daily Writes is perfect for you. Daily Writes is what we call a care/referral-ware e-mail workshop. Over 2,700 writers worldwide took this course from 2002 through 2004. Many more are taking it now.
Daily Writing Prompts
Daily writing prompts for those who want to form a writing habit. The biggest barrier to writing is usually a blank page and no lack of inspiration to write about. We've take care of those, so you can just let your mind and pen/keyboard soar from where we get you started writing.
Email Workshops
Free and affordable e-mail workshops, e-mail courses and e-mail tutorials for writers, online marketers and webmasters. An e-mail workshop is also referred to as an e-mail course or e-mail tutorial. It is a series of messages (sometimes called modules) delivered at specified intervals. Each message contains information on a specific topic that can be learned or applied by the person taking the e-mail workshop. Many e-mail workshops or e-courses are composed of short articles, and some are composed of lessons and then exercises or assigments for participants to do after6 reading.
Learn how to create profit-pulling e-mail workshops, eCourses & Tutorials with the help of this e-book. Regularly updated. In just 3 days to boost your web site's traffic, get more subscribers for your e-zine, increase e-book sales, build your image and your business... and cement your credibility!
The e-Writer's Place
A comprehensive resource for writers of all levels and experience. It's a free online magazine featuring writing advice and tips. Explore its archive of over 300 articles and columns. Updated every 25 days.
nonfiction e-books
iMuse Publishing is the home of fun, motivating and creative nonfiction e-books. iMuse Publishing is the Philippines' first and only e-book publisher whose aim is to publish and promote works by Filipino authors. We also provide a selection of print copies of Filipino works to residents of the United States.
Journaling Portal
Life has many phases that matter. Write a journal for each phase of life and you will be a deeper person. Free information about how you can become a more effective journaler in each aspect of life. Keeping a diary or journal should be more than fun, it should bring deeper meaning to life.
Journaling Courses
Journaling is about more than just writing. Journaling is about keeping a life log. It is about discovering one's true self. It is about learning to live life to the fullest. Your site for free journaling mini courses, free journaling courses, and free journaling articles.
Niche Blog Content
Got blogs, but short on content? Get 295 original private label articles for your blogs and niche websites. Profit from Blogs and Niche Sites without Writing a Word! Niche Blog Content Pick up 35 Private Label Content for your blog or niche site today.
Niche Sites
Quick Niche Site Ideas for Developers and Internet Marketers to put on their Web sites and in their target market plans. Information on everything from identifying a niche to creating an online promotional strategy to target the niche to creating and deliving a product to meet that niche.
Reprint Articles
Free reprint articles, free content for your ezine, and free website content.
Writers, Content Providers: Make your free reprint articles available to publishers and webmasters by adding them to our database. Publishers can notify you when they use your article via e-mail. We encrypt authors' e-mail addresses so you don't need to worry about those nasty spam robots/harvesters getting a hold of your e-mail address.
Publishers, Webmasters, Content Seekers: Browse categories and find quality articles you can use for free in your e-zine or website. When you reprint any article from, you understand that you must not modify it, and you must include the author's resource box and make the links active.
Shery Russ
The official website of well-known Web author Shery Russ, Author, Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter, Software Creator Course Developer, Web Designer. Find information about her books, courses, software and other publications.
Web Marketing Specialists
We're you're ultimate source for useful and informative content on just about anything relating to online marketing. Hire a web marketer or marketing consultant to promote your business site.
Workshops For Writers
Sign up for fun, creative and motivating workshops and e-mail courses designed just for writers. The Writing Bliss!™ Series consists of free and fee-based e-mail courses for writers. They're fun, creative, motivating and guaranteed to get you writing! Try one or all of them today!
Write For Niches
Learn how to create and write content for your niche site. Promote your niche products through niche articles. Niche Writing is one of the most important skills an online writer or online marketer can develop.
Writers Memo
Writers’ MEMO is a free print newsletter mailed by post that provides advice to writers of all ages and stages. It features articles, tips and writing activities. Writers’ MEMO* is a free print newsletter mailed by post that provides advice to writers of all ages and stages. It features articles, tips and writing activities.

Writers on the Net
Now you can have a WRITER'S Web presence without paying standard hosting fees! The e-Writer's Place Author Pages Service offers you, the writer, author, poet and/or freelancer, an affordable web page design and hosting...for as low as $0.83 per month!
Writing Bliss
A series of e-mail courses and workshops for writers who need to boost their creativity, bust out of a block or simply write. . The Writing Bliss!™ course modules are designed to be hands-on. They aren't just for you to read. You will be writing each time you receive a module. Finish the 2 courses you signed up for first before signing up for more. The courses aren't going away.

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