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WRITE TO BEGIN: An Online Workshop for Beginning Writers

This online workshop was developed primarily for beginning writers. However, this can serve experienced writers who are needing a refresher on grammar. There are 18 modules in this online course with tons of writing activities.

Aside from inspiration, writing involves grammar rules, style, punctuation and spelling. For any writer to arrive at really good writing -- and I mean really GOOD writing -- she (in this case, you!) has to learn the stuff that will make her good at writing.

Below is the course outline:

Module 1 - Signals and Aids: A Refresher on Connectives
Module 2 - Precision, Precision! (When It's Not OK to Say OK)
Module 3 - Subjects and Verbs: They Always Have to Agree!
Module 4 - The Case of the Misplaced Modifier
Module 5 - Adverbs and Adjectives as Modifiers
Module 6 - Punctuate It
Module 7 - Lessons In Language: Coordination
Module 8 - Lessons In Language: Parallelism
Module 9 - Lessons In Language: Correlatives
Module 10 - Lessons In Language: Subordination
Module 11 - Economy In Writing
Module 12 - Emphasis In Writing
Module 13 - Variety In Sentence Structure
Module 14 - I Don't Need No Stinkin' Double Negatives!
Module 15 - Those Grossly Used English Words!
Module 16 - Snare Pairs
Module 17 - Spelling Demons
Module 18 - Story Starters

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